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    IGFXTRAY.EXE doesn't start in Win 7




      IGFXTRAY.EXE doesn't start in Win 7:


      Usually this igfxtray.exe was auto loading at startup as a tray Icon in a taskbar, it was used to modify display's colors/ brightness/ hues etc.....


      It started - when I once accidentally clicked on it to EXIT - but I also believed it should start again after next system reboot, but - NO, it exit once and disappeared,


      # I am not able to RUN it from Taskbar, nothing happens....

      # I am not able to launch it when I go to /system32 and click the igfxtray.exe - nothing happens...


      However - IGFXTRAY.exe is still in place and working in my Another User account, but not in my main account;


      Also - I am afraid it could be related to Registry (Regedit) problems which I recently had:


      I few days earlier - I had problems with Registry - Corrupted Profile and several problems from this, but I imported a few chunks from another similar windows 7 - so I somehow (non-professionally) solved my major problems, but then I had a few other minor problems - like File Association incorrect or similar....


      So - How to make igfxtray.exe run again?!

      and - have you any suggestions about Registry entries for this application?!