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    Update to Windows 10 before replacing motherboard?


      My 1st post.  Hope this is the right place.  I have an off the shelf Gateway DX4870 pc, bought 6 yrs ago.  Windows 7 64 bit, SP1.  I have the product key, but no Win7 DVD.   i3 2120 CPU, Sandy Bridge chipset.  Bought a new graphics card, and the motherboard will not accept it.  BIOS has no provision to change from the onboard graphics to the new card.  Had a qualified computer tech come to my house.  He said the pcie slot and/or the MB is defective.   have a new Intel MB on order, model BOXDB65ALB3.  Closest I could find with the same approximate size, same socket, and appropriate chipset.  Have done a lot of searching on Google, and found a lot of conflicting opinions about installing the new MB, and being able to boot up.  Hate to leave Win7, but should I buy and install Win10 on the HD before I swap the MB?