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    NUC7i7BNH - Simultaneous transcoding and more


      Hi, I'm going back here now to get exact performance information from this high-performance machine.

      I already own the product but a customer wants to purchase ten units of this model to use them in a kind of personal homecine and before he buys, fundamental to know, directly from Intel, about the issues below, for which I already thank you already.


      The client has multimedia collections of movies, serials and concerts and intends to use Emby Server, to share with clients outside the network, that is, remotely, and for that, there are doubts:


      1. What is the maximum number of clients that can simultaneously access each NUC unit at the same time. Explaining in more detail, imagine that several, perhaps two hundred clients access the collections at the same time, to watch the multimedia content. Is there a maximum limit for the NUC to support such access?


      2. It is common for Emby Server to process video transcoding, according to the device of the external client that is accessing the collections. As an example, a H265 8bit movie, which is a heavy file, depending on the customer's equipment, Emby Serve transcodes so there are no crashes and customers can all watch movies without disturbances.

      In these transcodes, does the NUC support processing which client boundary is connected smultaneously, ie at the same time?


      The machine I'm suggesting to him is the same machine I passed on to another customer;

      Intel NUC7i7BNH, 32GB RAM, SSD M.2 500GB


      Thank you very much for the answers, I can not take the risk of passing on to the client something that does not fully comply with it.


      Greetings from Brazil


      Carlos Lima