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    Euclid Outdoor Performance


      Hi! I'm part of a team which is developing an autonomous vehicle which will drive through relatively hard terrain. One of the main issues we are having is the sensor selection (There's stereo cameras, lidar, radar, etc). However, the Intel Euclid seems as a good candidate for our project. Unfortunately , the features page isn't very helpful. It says "> 3.5m indoor range and longer range outdoors", but it also says "The middleware has been optimized for indoor use and has not been tested for outdoor use".


      I tried searching for outdoor applications but the only evidence I've found so far is this one: https://vimeo.com/214784338


      Unfortunately, the video is pretty short, the angle doesn't help and it seems as they cut the video as soon as it focused at bright areas (Sun).


      Our application requires that the vehicle drives under the sun light for a long period of time. Is the Euclid up for the task?