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    Minimal requirements of PC for working with R200


      Hello to everyone here. I have camera R200. My pс data : Intel G4600, 8Gb, Windows 10.
      I installed SDK R2. Camera Explorer sees the camera. RF_PersonTracking is not working. But RF_MeasurementSP is working.

      I try it on another pc : Intel Core i5-7600, 8GB, Windows 10. On this pc it works.
      Does G4600 not supported by R200 ?

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          The G4600 is a modern processor with a Kaby Lake architecture but it is a Pentium type CPU, typically used as a budget-price processor.  The R200 prefers an Intel Core type processor that is at least 4th Generation (code-name Haswell).  Your i5-7600 is a 7th generation Intel Core Kaby Lake, so its Core type architecture makes it very compatible with the R200.


          It is not unheard of for processors that are not Cores to work with the camera (for example, they work with Intel Xeon enterprise processors) but the functions that you are able to use successfully with a non-Core processor may be more unpredictable.  I suspect that it is the Kaby Lake architecture in your G4600 that is helping it to mostly function, as RealSense cameras put more importance on the chip's architecture type than the chip's specific capabilities.


          It is not 100% certain that it is the processor type that causes the differences in performance, though it is a good bet.  Differences in the performance of USB ports on a particular machine may produce differences in what will run and what will not.

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            Thank you for the quick response.
            Does Intel publish minimum system requirements for D400 camera ?

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              Do you mean the R400 camera? If so, there is little information available about the R400 at present because it is still in the testing phase and not on public sale yet.  What is known is:


              - Double the operating range of previous-generation RealSense cameras

              - Over double the number of trackable depth points, thanks to new vision chip technology.

              - It uses a new software stack, so will not be compatible with current and past RealSense SDKs.


              Intel RealSense 400 for self-driving cars, autonomous drones, Robots, for indoor and outdoor use - YouTube

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                Oh, this is the first time I've heard of this camera.  Nobody tells me anything!    (joke)


                Looking at the specification, it's possible that Intel have decided to rename the R400 as the D400 (the website address uses the R400's alternate name of the '400 Series').  This would make sense if they are looking to differentiate it from the other cameras, given it's apparent non-compatibility with current and past RealSense SDKs.


                It's kind of like how sales of the Nintendo WII U games console got damaged because some purchasers thought it was just an add-on device for its similar-named Wii predecessor, so Nintendo made sure to use a different name (Switch) with their Wii U successor.


                Anyway, thank you very much for the link.  I will try to find out more about this new camera model.