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    Latitude 7480 - WD15/K17A Docking Station: Setting up 3 monitors


      Our Service Desk environment is rolling out new devices.

      Dell Latitude 7480 Laptop

        • i5-6300U @ 2.4GHz
        • HD Graphics 520

      Dell WD15/K17A Docking Station

        • VGA port x1
        • HDMI port x1
        • Mini DisplayPort x1

      These are the two options we have for monitors. Not everyone has option 2 so we need to know how to make all three monitors work on both setup options.

      Dell P2210 Monitors x3 max resolution 1680 x 1050 **(OPTION 1)

        • VGA port x1
        • DVI port x1
        • Displayport (not mini) x1

      Dell P2417H Monitors x3 max resolution 1920 x 1080 **(OPTION 2)

        • VGA port x1
        • HDMI port x1
        • Displayport (not mini) x1

      Our drivers are fully up to date.

      We are using Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit.

      We have tried several adapter combos and are in need of guidance.

      On my device I have a VGA connected to my main display, an HDMI>VGA adapter connected to HDMI port of dock and can run 2 monitors. That said as soon as I connect a mini display port to display port cable for my third monitor it will ONLY display in 680x450 resolution. The other 2 stay at 1680x1050.

      Can anyone please advise which cables we would need for a three monitor setup.

      We are losing a lot of productivity with the lessened visual real-estate.