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    Just in case...


      I think it's a transient error, but some Intel pages are broken/have "wild" functionality... e.g. if trying to access https://engage.intel.com/docs/DOC-59344 I'm redirected to a login page (I'm already logged in) and, once I put my usr-passwd the page shows


      System Error





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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Fernando,


          I’ve just tried to access the link you mention and I didn’t have any issues. I recommend you to give it another try to see if it was a momentary issue with the site.


          Anyhow, you are right. There have been some reports about some broken links for Galileo (Edison and Joule as well). We’re aware of the issue and hopefully it’ll be fixed soon. Actually, a notice was posted some few hours ago about it: Download Pages Are Undergoing Maintenance


          We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause to you.


          Have a nice day.


          Diego V.

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            Hi Diego,


            Still the issue from my side (maybe you are trying from within intel.com?) anyhow, I´ll mark this thread as "answered", and I expect the issue to be fixed soon.