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    Enabling 802.1q tagging for I218-LM on Win10 Enterprise (aka Anniversary Edition)


      Hi Folks,


        Working with VMWare Workstation Pro on an x64 Win10 enterprise machine (10.0.14393) (aka Redstone 1 or Anniversary Edition), attempting to get output from different VMs onto different .1q tagged VLANs on a trunk port.  Unfortunately, I'm having little success.


        Based on my reading, if I install the most current Intel driver package,, I should either be unable to create VLANs off the NIC (if I'm missing needed win10 updates), or they should work.  I seem to be in a middle ground of some kind.  I can create the VLANs just fine.  Unfortunately, I get untagged output from the physical port for everything assigned to any VLAN.  I doubt it's a sniffer problem since I can see .1q tags from a switch when capturing via the same external USB NIC.


        The Intel driver installer refers me to a list of required Win10 updates in a user guide that I'm not finding anywhere.  Any guidance would be most appreciated.