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    libpxccore_c dll not found


      I am creating an app which uses an SR300 scanner, in particular using the 3D Scan module.


      In some computers it works ok, I can see the images and I can create the models, but in some others I get the following error as soon as I use something from the RealSense sdk:

      System.DllNotFoundException: 'libpxccore_c' not found


      I thought it could be because it's a 3th gen i3 (which shouldn't work as indicated in the specs) but the thing is... It works just fine with a Sense3D  (which uses the SR300 underneath...).


      Now I installed the Essentials package (SDK) to check if I could see something with the Camera Explorer and it works just fine. I tried running my application again and the error changed to:


      System.DllNotFoundException: 'libpxcscan_c' not found


      I honestly don't know where to look at.


      It's a 64 bit - Windows 10, Intel Core i3-3217U.


      Any suggestions?