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    M2 -> PCI-E 4x converter working in NUC6i3SYK but not in NUC5i3RYK ?


      I am trying to add a Sata controller to my little NUC and make it a FreeNAS server.  To do this, I installed a M2 -> PCI-E x4 adapter board  (from ali, marked LM-141X-v1.0)


      If I add this converter to my NUCi3SYK and connect power to the floppy style power connector on the board, it works great.. my sata controller or network cards will show up in the bios, and work just fine in freenas.

      Weird thing is, if I try the same setup on my NUC5i3RYK nothing happens. The bios says there is no card installed, and it wont show up in freenas or any other os I tested ???



      I compared the pinout of the m2 slot in the technical docs of both nuc's and cant see any difference ?



      Any ideas on why this does not work ? I have tried it with a few different m2 <-> pci-e converters, pci-e cards, all kinds of bios settings etc.. it just wont show up.. Bus as soon as I plug in into the nuc6 it just works..

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Redguy,

          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.

          In this case, Intel built the machine to work with M.2 SSDs, adapters Intel did not validated.

          Now, it works fine on the NUC6i3SYK and it does not work on the other NUC, most likely this is a compatibility problem, even though both PCIe are similar the chipset is different on each of the NUCs. Perhaps a contributor who was able to set up this configuration can share with us the model of the adapter.


          Ivan U.