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    UEFI and PXE/WDS for 7th Gen NUC Non-functional


      So this was mentioned in another discussion that was marked as answered but looks to have just been abandoned by the original poster (Thread 115121).  I am seeing UEFI PXE boot problems on the 7th gen nucs similar to what was mentioned in that thread.  We have 50+ of each of the following NUC models...D34010WYK, NUC5i3RYK, NUC6i5SYK.  All of them transitioned fairly well from Legacy PXE Boot to UEFI PXE Boot (Some did need BIOS updates but that is to be expected).  However our newest stock of NUC7i5BNK's will not boot to PXE in UEFI (BIOS updated and all).  The options exist in the BIOS options and the device recognizes and serves up the option to network boot.  Selecting the IPv4 boot option event initiates the process and sees the network (Media detected message), but it wont go any further.  I can even flip the device to non-secure boot non-UEFI, and PXE boot the device perfectly fine using Legacy network boot.  I would REALLY prefer to move forward and not build the newest NUCs in legacy mode while all the older model NUCs transition over to UEFI and secure boot.