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    Euclid IDE in a Visual C# project


      Hi, I've a question about the Intel RealSense Euclid. Is there a way to implement the IDE of ROS Euclid in a Visual C# project?


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          Until a Euclid expert arrives, I will post the ROS section from the Euclid Operating Guide in case you have not seen it, in case it contains something that is useful to your question. 


          Whenever it says DEVICE in capitals, it means the Euclid, I believe.



          Working with a ROS Companion Machine


          There are two options working with the DEVICE:


          DEVICE as a ROS Master


          Euclid is running ROSCore by default. To configure your client device to connect to the DEVICE’s Hotspot, follow those steps:


          1. Configure the ROS_MASTER_URI to (the DEVICE’s hotspot IP)


          $> export ROS_MASTER_URI=


          2. Run “ifconfig” to get the IP address and set it to ROS_IP:


          $> export ROS_IP=<Machine IP>


          DEVICE as a ROS device


          The DEVICE can be configured to connect to an existing ROS Master device.  First configure the DEVICE to connect to the desired wireless network, then follow these steps:


          1. Connect to the web interface


          2. Navigate to the system settings page


          3. Change the ROS MASTER URI to the newly assigned IP address

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hi Piero78,

            I’m not aware of any way to implement what you are describing, however I found a possible solution that you might find interesting. It’s a ROS client library for Windows Development in C#: https://github.com/uml-robotics/ROS.NET

            Although I’m not sure if it works for what you are trying to do, I just wanted to share it so you can take a look at it. 

            Have a nice day.

            Diego V. 

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              I want, for example, design a GUI in Visual C# and add a button with the code to start a node (for example person tracking in a robot based on Arduino) by the Click event.

              My question is, what is the code to call a node, created with the ROS interface, in a Visual C# program?


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                Whilst I could not find any information about calling a Euclid node with C# (an expert from the Euclid developer team may be able to offer a solution after the weekend), I did find a discussion where a user suggested a means of activating a node without going through the Web Interface.


                Re: Connect to ROS home page through Ubuntu desktop

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                  Intel Corporation
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                  Hi Piero78,

                  There is not a specific code to accomplish what you would like to do. Unfortunately, this goes beyond of our support scope and it’s up to the users to figure out how to write and apply custom codes and applications, or in this case how to use the GUI in the Euclid environment.

                  There are some resources available for you that could help to accomplish what you are trying to do. The following site, for example, is a repo with all information for Euclid, including examples and projects: https://github.com/IntelEuclid

                  On the other hand, Euclid uses ROS nodes to interface with the camera. The command to start the nodelet for the camera is “roslaunch realsense_camera lr200_nodelet_default.launch”. Please view the ROS tutorials in the following site to learn more about using ROS: http://wiki.ros.org/ROS/Tutorials/

                  Also, you could check the RealSense camera wiki for more information about RealSense ROS: http://wiki.ros.org/realsense_camera. This site has more information that what is available for Euclid. In the Ubuntu terminal window, type “rostopic list” to view all the topics available for the Euclid. The parameter available for Euclid more closely resemble the ZR300 camera.

                  I hope this information helps you.

                  Diego V.