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    Display Issue When Sharing Desktop or Taking Screenshots


      Hello All,


      I have a HP EliteBook 840 G3 model number Y3Q56UC#ABA and I'm having a very odd issue with the display. After exhaustive research and troubleshooting I’m coming to these forums in hopes I do not need to reimage my laptop.


      The issue is as follows. Any time I share my screen (with any program, Skype, WebEx, ect), or try to take a screenshot using any tool (SnagIt, snipping tool, or plain old 'prt scr') my display gets grossly misaligned. I have included a screenshot to show what it looks like.


      I have tried the following steps:

      • Restarts
      • Driver reinstall
      • Touch screen disable


      The only clues I have are as follows:

      • Issue only exists on the laptop display (everything works fine in the docking station)
      • Once using Skype, I was able to swipe the screen to the left and get it to move left, but it would not stay there (I thought there was maybe an issue with the touch screen, but as noted above, disabling the touchscreen did nothing)
      • Issue arose immediately after I unplugged a projector from the side display port
      • The screen works perfectly when I’m NOT sharing / taking screenshots


      This issue is such a pain because I cannot share my screen with anyone when I’m in meetings. If I’m at my desk, it works fine when in the docking station, but whenever I’m just using the built in display, I have this issue.