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    facemapping2 fails to run with SR300 in Intel Realsense SDK R3




      I have a SR300 device with Visual studio 2017 community edition and Realsense SDK R3.


      I have installed the following:

      1) SR300 driver - intel_rs_dcm_sr300_3.3.27.5718

      2) Realsense SDK - R3

      3) Face Hybrid module -  intel_rs_sdk_mw_face_hybrid_11.0.28.2787

      4) 3d scan module - intel_rs_sdk_mw_scan3d_hybrid_11.0.27.8892


      Facemapping2 compiles fine but when i run it, i get the error "The RealSense SDK Runtime V11 must be installed"


      The program is looking for registry value "Software\\Wow6432Node\\Intel\\RSSDK\\v11\\Components\\scan3d\\" but this entry does not exist.

      the registry contains "Software\\Wow6432Node\\Intel\\RSSDK\\v11\\Dispatch"


      Should the program change or have missed some installation?