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    Chassis P4304XXMUXX with S2600CW2R is suddenly shutting down


      Dear Intel Support,

      My system has following configuration: Mainboard S2600CW2R, Chassis P4304XXMUXX with two PSUs FXX750PCRPS, two CPUs Xeon E5-2637V4, Memory 8 modules each 16GB, one SSD DC S3520 Series 480GB, one HDD Seagate 3.5" 8TB ST8000NM0045 and Graphic Card ASUS GTX 1080 Ti.

      OS: Windows 10 Pro. All firmware was initially updated to the newest version.

      System works properly, passes all tests, OS boots and runs OK.

      When starts 3D modelling software Bentley Context Capture and Graphic Card is in full load, system is suddenly shutting down with beep code 1-5-4-2.

      PSUs are in FULLY_REDUNDANT state.

      Looks like insufficient PSU resources.

      "S2600CW_H56450_P4304XXMXXX_power budget_tool R1.1" tells that there is enough PSU resources: System Totals: 647W; Power Supply Limits: 750W.

      Could you please advise me what the possible cause of system shut down and which actions to be taken to resolve situation?

      Maybe to set PSUs in NON_REDUNDANT state to gain available power resources?

      But I've found none information in a lot of manuals available how can I make it.

      Thanks in advance.

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