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    Can´t upgrade RST from 12.8



      I'm having some troubles upgrading from RST 12.8 to any other. "platform unsupported" or some .net framework 4.5 not present

      My actual 12.8 works fine but it doesnt have the ssd accelerate option.  (or my internal ssd isnt formated or set correctly)


      My computer is np700z5c-s02ub - win 10 creators build.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello GermanMazza,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          In this case, this can be a limitation from your computer manufacturer, updating the IRST will not show you the acceleration option, in order for you to have this option available you will need to set the BIOS to RAID mode and install the operating system in this mode.
          If you need more assistance related to your BIOS and compatibility with your system your best contact support is with your computer manufacturer as they are more familiar with your system than we are.
          Best regards,
          Ivan U.

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            Ups! I think you may be right. I dont have the raid option in my bios and my bios is updated to the last build.


            Bad luck then, my computer comes with internal 8gb ssd but I cant use it... weird.


            Thank you for your time.