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    Can I replace F200 module in Creative realsense kit (VF0800)?


      I can not install DCM. Firmware update fails with code -4. The problem has been described several time and apparently has no solution. Can I buy a module and replace it myself? For example Intel RealSense 3D F200 Веб Камера Модуль купить на AliExpress

      Computer: core-i7 (6700),  windows 10 with all updates

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          For the information of other readers of this forum, Error code -4 - which is a rarely occurring error - is:


          "The installer failed to update the firmware of your Intel RealSense 3D Camera.  The camera firmware may be corrupted. Contact your computer manufacturer for recovery instructions.  Error code: -4"


          Attempts to try to update the firmware can result in the error message "The camera is in recovery mode".  Example:


          I have never encountered a case where a camera have been successfully restored from Recovery Mode, and my research indicates that Intel support staff members in the past have not been able to solve it either.  So it would appear to be a candidate for replacement.  Given that the F200 has not been on sale for a long time, it would be outside of the warranty return period, hence your request for how to order a replacement part.


          BTW, before I explain that process: I believe the original F200 camera never had a data sheet document like the other cameras do.  However, the data sheet of the F200's successor the SR300 makes mention of recovery:



          A read only boot sector is built into firmware which enables basic operation regardless of the integrity of the operation instructions region.  This ensures the SR300 can function in the case of firmware not be written properly.  When a firmware recovery is required, the firmware utility will communicate with the recovery driver to set the interrupt pin low and reset the SR300 in recovery mode.


          Recovery is only supported if the system BIOS implements the INT33A3 HID device and methods for interrupt and power control.  The recovery driver installation and recovery functions will FAIL if not implemented.




          Parts for Intel products such as the RealSense cameras can be ordered from any Intel Authorized Distributor oompany, as Intel do not sell them directly themselves.  It is likely that the part will no longer be available if it has to be ordered from Intel, since the F200 is not manufactured now.  You can find your country's local Intel Approved Distributors using this link:  Select your country from the drop-down menu.


          Intel® Authorized Distributors and Approved Suppliers

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            Can you visit link in my post? Can I replace broken module  by it? Will device (Creative VF0800) working  properly?

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              The link was broken for me yesterday but is working now.    If the firmware is stored on the main camera board then logic says that replacing the board with another one should restore access to the firmware.


              Although I have never seen such a board transplant done myself, as the connector parts (marked with a '7' on the image in the link' can be purchased separately, you should theoretically be able to detach those parts from the board of your old F200 and connect them onto the new board so that you can attach the USB cable.


              It would be easier if you could just buy a used complete F200 camera, though I know that they are as rare as chicken with teeth these days.    There is one for sale on eBay at the moment though if that purchasing method is an option for you.


              Intel RealSense Front F200 3D Depth Sensing Camera Developer Kit W/housing&cable


              Other options include:


              - Purchasing an SR300 camera from the Intel Click online store.  The SR300 is the next-generation successor of the F200.


              Intel® RealSense™ Developer Kit (SR300) - Intel® RealSense™ Developer Kits


              -  Trying to force the F200 firmware to update on your current camera.


              Re: Intel Realsense Camera DCM says 0.0b available


              To make it a forced update, put the word -force at the end of the filename.  For example:


              FWUpdateF200.exe  -force