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    STK1AW32SC Wifi on Windows 10 IoT


      So I have a STK1AW32SC, got it yesterday.  Manufactured, 6/2017.     It has a Intel AC 7265 Wifi/Bluetooth adapter.  The stick boots up with the Windows 10 IoT MBM image, but has no Wifi or Bluetooth.


      Going down the rabbit hole, it's obvious it doesn't have drivers for that chipset.


      So I keep going down the rabbit hole and learn how to make and sign driver CAB containing the Intel 32-bit x86 Windows 10 drivers for this card.  I install this on the device.


      Now, Windows knows what the device is, as it shows up with a proper name in devcon, but fails on driver load with an error 39.


      Any ideas?   I see people having problems with normal boring Windows 10, but IoT is a different beast.