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    What 64-Bit CPU can I upgrade to from a P-4 641?


      I want to run either the 64-Bit Version of Vista Ultimate OR XP-Pro.

      I am very confused as to how to determine if my Hardware can or cannot be upgraded to accomplish this.

      My CPU is a P-4 641 with a 945G Chipset.

      Acer/Emachines/Gateway Support is mercenary as to a simple Yes or No.

      What I want to do seems simple enough, find out if it possible, given I purchase the correct "new" CPU.

      I have read many Forum Sites and Intel Pages and I get lost and confused, too much information.

      I was looking for a "cross reference comparrison" that would say: this CPU WILL or WILL NOT replace this one.

      Is there some guidance this Forums Members can afford me?

      As you can tell from my description of my need, I am a novice at this, however I need to start somewhere "reliable" and non "mercenary".


      Best regards,


      Mike Lynch