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    Homefront couple of bugs and DXGI_ERROR_DRIVER_INTERNAL_ERROR


      Hello everyone! This bug report will be very different. Driver https://communities.intel.com/message/290277 has support for this game, but right now it's a mess.





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      Provide a detailed description of the issue

      Corrupted graphics, crash. Just read below.

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      custom GIGABYTE H110M-S2H i3-6100

      Hybrid or switchable graphics system?
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      only HD 530

      Make and model of any Displays that are used to see the issue (see note2 below).
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      SAMSUNG SyncMaster 204B

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      8Gb DDR4 2133

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      Windows 10 64bit 15063.540

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      single display

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      1280 X 1024 75 Hz

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      Very High preset

      Shadow Quality Medium

      AA OFF

      Motion Blur OFF

      Ambient Occlusion OFF

      Fullscreen uncheck

      Read below.


      First of all, i'm not can you show how looks bugs. If you don't playing in game as normal and load save straight to the level, bugs disappears.

      So don't use save from internet to get level with bugs faster. For demonstration where bugs appears i will use let's play from youtube.


      Let's start from crash. This is 5 hour game, it crashed for me twice. This is what popup on screen when game crashes.


      First crash here. https://youtu.be/wTxb7YsNoTs?t=499

      Second crash here. https://youtu.be/Dk238IfZ_fY?t=181


      First type of graphical bugs it's a like part of screen missing and it's just grey triangle that comes from different object.

      This is fastest bug what you can get - 20 min in game.


      Here bush from left corner. This model in whole game used twice, and both times it causes corruption of picture.



      Little bit further, the same model of bush, left corner. On video you don't see it, but you will never miss it, grey triangle will be renders thru the other objects.



      The same type of bug, but very strong variation - corrupted will be whole screen. Appears if you zoom to the scope. Bug don't appears on your second weapon with open scope.



      This is second type of bugs. Green shining on the distance, looks like coming from light source, may be corrupted bloom. It happening across the whole map, but when you getting closer bug disappears.



      I finished game and was thinking that i can return and record bugs, but when i loading checkpoint its all ok.

      There nothing i can do, and i not can check when bugs will be fixed, sorry. So this is i will left for future players.