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    Intel Driver Update Utility Issues for CPU Drivers


      Hi everyone,


      I have recently installed an Intel i7-7700K Cpu into my computer. I have been having a number of issues ever since while playing games in which my mouse clicks will not be detected occasionally for between 1-5 seconds at a time. I am trying to update my CPU drivers to check this isn't the issue however I am having trouble with the Intel Driver Update Utility.

      When I search for drivers it tells me there is nothing detected, there is no reference to whatever drivers are currently installed or to what CPU I have installed so I am not sure whether or not it is actually detecting my CPU. I have also tried searching direct through the website and downloading the drivers manually, however when I try this, half way through the download a error message pops up telling me that my PC does not meet the requirements for the download even though I am fairly sure that it does.


      Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can fix these issues?


      Many thanks.