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    Thunderbolt 3 eGPU Bandwidth


      Hello, I'm using ASUS UX501VW laptop with Alpine Ridge (1575) Thunderbolt 3 controller (FW version is 25) and eGPU enclosure Akitio Node with Strix 1080Ti onboard.

      I like gaming results I'm getting, but should a scene (not every heavy scene though) in game be little bit more complex - 100+ fps are falling into ~48 fps. It looks like performance is bottle-necked by something. It worth noting that same card (same even for older gpu's) doesn't have issues with such scenes.in desktop.

      I'm not sure what causes bottleneck, but it is definitely not 6700HQ cpu or card itself - most likely it is something related to TB3 optimizations or bandwidth available.  According to egpu.io forums (eGPU community) TB3 in reality provides 32gb bandwidth (8gb reserved for encoding\decoding etc), but for egpu only 22GB are available (as data bandwidth).

      It seems like 32Gb are throttled on software level into 22gb (10GB are reserved for display port and\or usb-c bandwidth). Is it possible to somehow ( by fw update?) unleash full bandwidth for egpu enclosures?

      Maybe fps drops are related to controller optimizations (not bandwidth issue)? Or there should be done some modifications to Nvidia drivers?


      Assassin’s Creed Unity gives me stable 60 fps, but drops to 46 fps in “assassin’s base” building. Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag drops to 45 fps in jungle if environment quality is set to high or ultra (doesn’t matter). If environment setting set to medium or low – less detailed trees and stable 60 fps throughout all game. I know Ubisoft optimization problems, but on 1080 ti? What about Blizzard’s WoW game? What about GTA 5? Even GTA 5 has fps spikes. There is definitively something wrong with performance of eGPU's through Thunderbolt 3.