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    16-bit apps will not launch with Skylake and HD Graphic 530


      We have new Dell systems with the Intel i5-6x00 series processors and they will not allow 16-bit applications to run.  This is not something specific to any one application.  The NTVDM process starts but then hangs at 25% CPU usage with 1080KB of RAM being used.  We have isolated this to be something with the integrated graphics (either the HD 530 or HD 520) with VBIOS 1039.  The way we isolated this is by installing an external Radeon video card in to the system and the issue went away.  We do not want to go this way as it will be more cost effective to use the integrated video cards.  We do have some older dell systems with the same integrated video cards that are not having the issue, the difference is that they have an older VBIOS installed.


      My Main question is, is there a way to downgrade the VBIOS without having the flash the BIOS on the system as this is not an option (we tried and the downgrades fail to install)