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    Help Please, Intel S2600CW2R, Windows Server 2016, UEFI Boot


      First off, I apologize for being a noob.  I'm still trying to figure out what questions to ask to get the info I need.


      I'm building an Intel Server with the S2600CW2R board, Intel RS3DC080 Raid, and 4- 4tb sas drives in RAID5.


      I'm trying to UEFI boot and Install Windows Server 2016.  And I've run into some problems and questions.


      1.     The server, even when set into UEFI in the BIOS, just doesn't want to UEFI boot from the Server Install DVD.  I'm using a standard dvd-rom connected via SATA to the motherboard set to AHCI.  I've tried RAID mode as well with similar results.  Even what I manually select the boot device from the boot menu, UEFI isn't an option.  I'm probably missing some step, configuration, or some nerd knob somewhere that needs turning.  I'm sure someone has made this work at some point, can y'all clue me in on what configuration I need to be looking at?  Or at least point me in the right direction please.


      2.     Backup & Restore - This is more a Windows question but it falls in line with the first one.  In Windows Server 2016, does the backup and restore support UEFI, GPT, and large 4TB - 36TB RAID arrays?  I've faced issues with 2008 & 2012 with disk/volume size limitations but haven't been working with 2016 enough to know what limitations are still in place.  I've seen issues with Windows 10, UEFI, GPT, and Image Restorations failing.  I'm curious with Server 2016 is plagued with the same problems and how y'all are dealing with them.


      Thank you all for your time and assistance.


      Cecil W.