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    Can't create new RAID 1 volume and keep data from one disk?


      Two weeks ago I had a motherboard failure on my desktop PC. New motherboard was installed and set-up yesterday (Gigabyte X99P-SLI)


      I have an SSD as the boot disk with the operating system on it, plus


      2 x 2Gb disks in a RAID 1 configuration

      2 x 4Gb disks in a RAID 1 configuration.


      I enabled IRST by setting the SATA configuration to RAID and rebooted. I can now see the menu in BIOS which I can access by pressing Control I. In this menu, the 2 x 2GB disks appear as member disks, but the two 4Gb disks appear in the listing as non-member disks.


      When I upgraded PCs a few years ago to the X99 chipset, it was a simple case of using the windows application to create a new RAID volume, and keep the data from one of the two 4Gb disks (the data on each is identical).


      However, when I go to do it this time, I don't get the option to keep the data from any of the disks.


      I downloaded and upgraded to the latest version of IRST which was, but that hasn't made any difference.



      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


      Thanks in advance