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    How can I properly install drivers from Intel, instead of those from Acer




      I am trying to run No man's sky on notebook from Acer with Intel Iris 550 graphics (Windows 10). Game always hangs after "Loading shaders", and I believe it is due to the older version of OpenGL (4.4.).


      I would like to install latest Intel drivers (these), instead of those old from notebook manufacturer, but everytime I uninstall drivers using Device Manager and restart computer to install newest drivers, Windows automatically downloads manufacturer version, thus I can't install newest drivers.


      When I have tried to uninstall them with my internet connection turned off, everything went fine and I was even able to complete installation of newest drivers, but after restart, nothing has changed.


      According to Release notes it should work.


      Is there any way, how to force installation of newest Intel drivers with OpenGL 4.5?


      Thank you for your help.