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    Want to know depth data.


      Hi i'm back with problem ..

      I want to extract depth data in ZR300 depth stream..

      so, I use librealsense, realsense sdk for linux ..

      librealsense's dev environment is done.

      realsense sdk for linux's dev environment is being set.

      i can run sample code.... but project in sdk(core, image, cv_modules...) is not work with error message, 'CmakeFiles/realsense_pipeline.dir/build'. stop


      I want to extract depth data ...!

      How can i do??


      1. what is the difference between librealsense and realsense sdk for linux

      - I know librealsense is cross platform api and realsense sdk for linux can use in linux. ( I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 and windows 10)

        please let me know the difference except what i know


      2. i met this error message, "'CMakeFiles/realsense_pipeline.dir/build'. stop" in realsense_sdk_for_linux in QT-Creator 5.7.0

      - How can i solve the problem?


      3. can you give me sample code for extracting depth data?


      4. is the depth data correct on top right in below image, cpp_Configuration_Example?

      Can i get the distance to the cloud by 16bit data?

      구름 depth.png

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          1.  The RealSense SDK for Linux contains features (e.g Person Tracking) that Librealsense lacks, making it more like the Windows version of the RealSense SDK.  The RealSense SDK for Linux installs Librealsense as one of its modules.  So the For Linux SDK is like Librealsense but with more features available to you.


          2.  Have you seen this article about an example setup of the RealSense SDK for Linux and QT Creator?  Maybe you could check it against your own project's setup to see if there is something that you have missed doing.


          Use LibRealSense and Point Cloud Library (PCL) to Create Point Cloud Data | Intel® Software


          3.  Librealsense has some sample scripts for streaming depth.  These are stored in the /examples folder of Librealsense.


          Full details of the Librealsense samples can be found on the Developer Guide page.  Go down to the very bottom of the page and then scroll up to the 'SAMPLES' heading to find the information.


          Intel® RealSense™ Cross Platform API (librealsense): Developer's Guide


          4.  The blackness of the sky section in your image makes me think that the brightness of the outdoor light may still be difficult for the camera to handle.  So further experiments with the manual settings such as exposure may be needed.  Or an alternative depth method such as Point Cloud may provide better results - there is a point cloud sample in the Librealsense examples.