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    Arduino sketch not running on Galileo Gen 2




      I have been running an Arduino sketch found here that I uploaded to the board via Arduino IDE. I modified the script to print sensor readings to a file saved on Galileo. The sketch runs in parallel to a Python script that reads the file. The sketch and the script were working properly together until I set the Python script to run on startup rather than on demand. To run the Python script on startup, I followed the instructions here.


      Once I had the Python script run on startup, I noticed the file that Arduino should be writing to was no longer being updated. I opened my Arduino IDE to see if re-uploading the sketch would solve anything, and this is what I saw:

      Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 6.01.45 PM.png


      Additionally, I tried to see if I could run the sketch on demand following the discussion here.


      I am using the Yocto 3.8.7, iot-devkit version 3.5 image.


      Thank you