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    Remove Raid 0?


      Hi to all,

      I have an older computer set up in a Raid 0 array. One of the hard drives is fairly new and I want to remove it and put it in a new computer.

      My question is how do I get rid of the Raid 0 array on the drive I'm removing and also the drive that will remain in the old computer?

      I have the integrated Intel controller on my MB and used the Intel Storage Matrix Console to install the array originally.

      I know hard drive prices are low, but still want only the one drive in the old computer for storage.

      I have everything backed up, so that's not an issue in regards to losing data.

      If someone can tell me a step by step how to or point me to something I've missed on this site, I would appreciate the help.

      I am fairly good with computers, but don't want to mess anything up if I can. Thanks for any help or replies in advance. carp62

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          During boot press the ctrl key and start tabbing the "I", you will get in to the option ROM in there you can set the hard drives as non RAID and then exit.


          Note that if you have a RAID 0 you will loose all the data on them.



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            Thanks for the prompt reply. Let me understand this correctly. Once I have reset to non Raid i can then, one remove my newer

            hard drive, install it in the new computer, reformat it and either set as a Raid array or just a second drive, two reformat the older

            hard drive left in the computer and install the backup I made with Acronis so it will function as an independent drive. I guess as a followup question to the first

            is there any problems involving reformating these drives since they were in a Raid array before? Thanks again BigThor for your reply. carp

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              You are correct, you shouldn't have any problems. The RAID information is storage in the hard drive, with a format you should have your hard drives as good as new.



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                Thanks again BigThor, now I have the confidence to proceed.

                I'll let you know the results. carp