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    Need help making RS410/RS430 discoverable to a W10 system




      I am having issues with installing the RS410 and RS430 onto my Windows 10 system.  The virtual driver does not seem to populate, though the device does.  On all of the included coding examples in the SDK, the RS410/430 is never found or initialized by the software.

      Are the RS410 and RS430 currently to be developed on the R2 SDK?  I have tried both: https://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-111734   and https://communities.intel.com/thread/113973.



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          The forthcoming RealSense 400 is only currently available for testing by people connected to the RealSense development team and is not on public sale yet.  There is therefore no support advice available for it on this forum yet, and any Intel support staff who do know about it will very likely be unable to give advice due to maintaining secrecy until the camera goes on sale.


          It is also not officially supported by the RealSense SDKs for this reason.  As I have very little knowledge of the R400 and no hands-on experience with it (and could not talk about it even if I knew except for the facts that have been made public), I do not know if it has any kind of compatibility at all with the SDK, or with the open-source Librealsense SDK.


          Given that the R400 can supposedly be used both indoors and outdoors, I suspect that it is more compatible with the ZR300 camera than the indoor SR300 model.  You may therefore  have to use it with the Librealsense SDK in Linux, or the 'Intel Realsense For Linux SDK'.

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hi VST,

            Thank you for contacting us.

            The 400 series cameras will require a whole new software stack. The current DCMs and SDKs will not work with it. The software stack has not been released publicly yet. You must work with your Intel sales person to acquire early releases of the software. We’ve also forwarded your information to the RealSense team so they can reach out to you directly.

            I hope you find this information useful.

            -Sergio A