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    Boot Menu not shows my USB / removable harddisk


      I have a really strange problem.


      I have a NUC6i5 with supported hardware from the Intel-List.

      M.2 SSD with 128GB and with Windows 7 x64 UEFI-Boot (GPT).

      Delivery BIOS: 0051

      Updated to: 0061


      Normal operations working fine.

      But when I will boot from my USB-Stick / Removeable Harddisk with Acronis/other Recovery-SW that is not working.


      My USB-Stick are not show correct in the Bootmenu.

      All boots are a little bit different.


      My 1 Stick: SanDisk Extreme

      My 2 Stick: Transcend

      My 3 Stick: WesternDigital Harddrive


      I put one Stick in the NUC and boot -> F10

      I see a new entry (UEFI SanDisk Extreme), but it is not working.


      I change the Stick to Transcend in the NUC and boot -> F10

      I see a new entry (UEFI SanDisk Extreme), but it is not working. And why it is the same name as my first stick?


      I change the Stick to Western Digital (2 Partitions, one bootable) in the NUC and boot -> F10

      I see 2 new entry (My WesternDigital),one one from 5 boots this is working... or not.


      When I put my WesternDigital AND SanDisk into the NUC and boot -> F10.

      I see 3 new entry, My 2 WesternDigital and SanDisk. When I press start from SanDisk, the NUC booted from WesternDigital (I see it with different Recovery SW on it)


      When I use the UEFI-Shell, and search the correct fs0-fs4 for my needed stick, that boot with this efi-file it works.


      When I make a complete BIOS reset (F9) or BIOS Recovery (with jumper) with a small called CISCO-Stick (128MB)...

      Okay, now I think the complete NUC is clean... but when I put my WetsernDigital to boot from (F10) It shows in the BootMenu the entry SanDiskExtreme.

      From where comes this name, from a fresh resettet NUC?


      But what is resettet... After the jumper BIOS Recovey, the BIOS Settings are the same as before... strange.




      How can I really reset all settings on the NUC? Where is the information stored? On the M.2 EFI?!?



      And now the best: I have around 30 NUC6i5 and all have the same crazy behavior.

      For me it is not 100% reproducible. On one boot Transcend have the name of the WD... On next from SanDisk and so on and so on.

      At the Moment I use 3 different USB Stick Vendor, all have the same Acronis Software on it and I put all three in the NUC and hopefully the NUC boots from one of them...

      Any idea?