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    RAID 10 Initialize and Poor Windows Performance




      We have few HP Z440 workstations with RAID 1+0 configuration. We have 32GB RAM, 4 x 3TB SATA HDD, Intel Xeon CPU E5-1603 v3 @ 2.80GHz and Intel C600+/C220+ series chipset SATA RAID Controller. We are using Intel Rapid Storage Technology tool to configure RAID volume. We have one volume and the volume should be 5.3TB in size.


      The problem is after installation of Windows OS and our application, the computer becomes very slow and this is occurring very often. If I check the RAID status, it shows "Initialize" in Rapid Intel Storage Technology console.

      Can we get the reason why RAID moves to "Initialize" automatically. And is there anyway we can stop or optimize this activity. We have observed that when RAID status is "Normal", the computer runs fast.


      Can anybody tell me the reason and how can we improve the RAID performance or stop or configure the Initialization?

      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks & Regards,