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    Skylake NUC temperatures


      My NUC6i5SYH was one of the early batches of Skylake NUCs to hit the market (purchased January 2016).  While many other purchasers had experienced system failures and had RMA'd their NUC6i5xxx's, mine has been rock solid, running 24/7 over the past 20 months as my primary PC during the day and as an HTPC/PVR in the evening hours.  Had always suspected that the NUC failures that other owners suffered might be due to overheating, so I have kept close tabs on the CPU temps. The NUC is located in an open area with good air circulation, and for a little extra cooling help I replaced the original plastic lid with an 80mm x 100mm x 27mm aluminum heat sink.  Over the past few months, temperatures have been creeping up to worrisome levels (+80C) , so I broke the unit down and replaced the original thermal paste with a fresh layer of Arctic Silver 5.  Also stripped off the insulation layer on top of the heat spreader and doused it with Arctic Silver 5 to help transfer the heat from the spreader to the NUC chassis to the external heat sink lid.  Replacing the thermal paste resulted in an immediate improvement in temps under all conditions.  The NUC has resumed idling in the low 40's, and max temps, which were steadily rising, are back down below 80 C again.


      Specs:  32GB DDR4-2133 RAM, 1 TB Samsung 850 Pro SSD, Win10 Pro, MS Office2013, VMWare Workstation 11;  Hauppage WinTV-DualHD TV tuner/PVR.  Dual screens: 1x50" 4k and 1x40" 1080p.


      Have to wonder if some of those early NUC issues may have been related to thermal paste/heat sink QC.   Anyone else have experiences to share on Skylake NUC temp mgt?

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          Hello SkylakeNUCfan,


          Thank you for joining the Intel® NUC community.


          I would like to thank you for taking the time to share the solution implemented on your Intel® NUC model, I am glad to hear it's working for you.


          Regarding your question, we have several Swift Canyon units running in our labs but none of them showed any temperature issue, these units are constantly in use for testing.



          Amy C.