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    Point Clould Question ZR300


      Hello I'm using the ZR300. I'm trying to a develop a program where you can click on a pixel in stream from the zr300(color/ir) and then get the x, y, z in real world coordinates.

      Using the tutorial cpp-pointclould. I want to get a specific pixel and find it's coordinates in x,y,z in meters. These two lines I think can help.

      rs::float2 depth_pixel = {(float)dx, (float)dy};                 

      rs::float3 depth_point = depth_intrin.deproject(depth_pixel, depth_in_meters); 


      Can I just replace the dx and dy with a pixel location on the ir or color image? Is it possible to get the x y z from that pixel by plugging in it's location into that dx, dy. Then read out the real world coordinates with depth_point.x/y/z?




      Akash Jinandra