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    NUC7i5 HDMI audio problems with receiver


      So, I have 3 generations of NUC's and the new 7th gen seems to have the original problem as the older ones.   I have an onkyo receiver and a panasonic TV. 

      If the NUC wakes from sleep without the receiver on (and set to that HDMI input), the audio on the NUC going forward will not work until you reboot the system.  There is no way to "reactivate" the receiver as the speaker.


      This has been a problem with the older generation NUC's and drivers seems to have fixed most of it.  Ideally, the audio driver should re-establish the audio link on each wake (instead of just reboot).  It negotiates the video fine via HDMI, but the audio is broken


      Please fix!!!  I have the latest driver, bios, etc...all installed