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    Custom BIOS settings using Intel Integrator Toolkit without the UEFI shell setting




      I'm trying to create a custom BIOS (.bio) file which will include customized settings using Intel Integrator Toolkit (https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/26307/Intel-Integrator-Toolkit). I followed the instructions in the PDF, and it works fine. The problem is that in order to make the custom BIOS I need to get into the UEFI shell, and to do that I need to enable the "UEFI shell" setting. Then the resulting custom BIOS file has the UEFI shell setting enabled, and after flashing it I need to manually disable the setting.


      If there is a way to enter the UEFI shell without changing settings, it would solve the problem by allowing me to create a custom BIOS file that doesn't include the "enable UEFI shell" setting. Is it possible, or is there any other way to make a .bio file with custom settings that doesn't have the UEFI shell enabled?


      I'm using NUC5i5MYBE board. I flashed the latest BIOS (0035, from 5/6/2017).


      Thank you very much,