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    NUC6CAYH screen turns black for a second


      Hi. I`m having issues with a recently buyed NUC6CAYH. The screen will randomly turn completely black for a second or two. (it happend once every 4 or 5 minutes or once every 4 to 5 seconds)

      It has windows 10 Pro installed with latest bios (040) and drivers installed.

      It is connected via VGA cable to a LCD display (resolution: 1440x900@60Hz).

      The things i`ve tried so far:

      • lowering the display resolution to other than the native display stops the flickering or at least makes it less frequent.
      • I had keyboard, mouse and two printers connected to a back USB port through a 2.0 USB hub. removing the USB hub eliminate de flickering (or at least it has not flicker once in about an hour) [Hub works flawlessly in other PCs]
      • Connecting mouse keyboard and two USB hdds makes the flickering happen at least once every 30 minutes.


      Thanks in advance and excuse my english.


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          Intel Corporation
          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

          : Thank you very much for joining the Intel® NUC communities. We are sorry to hear the NUC is not working properly.
          The fact that when you disconnect some devices the flickering is less frequently indicates that it could be a problem with the power supply.
          Are you using the 19V power supply that came with the NUC?
          Do you have the option to use the HDMI port? Just to rule out a possible problem with the VGA port.
          Even though you mentioned the drivers on the NUC are up tp date, on the link below you will find the latest graphics drivers for it, version 4729:
          Any further questions, please let me know.
          Alberto R

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            I`m using the original 19v power supply that came with the NUC. I don´t have any hdmi capable display.

            That driver is the same i had already installed. Either way, i reinstalled it with the same results.

            Since yesterday. the flickering became more frequent again. even though i have only mouse and keyboard plugged in only.

            Today i tried the HDMI port and no problems occur with that connection

            I also tried installing Fedora 26 and no flickering/random black screen occur with VGA nor HDMI


            In other topic, WIFI card is installed and drivers up to date but wifi networks won't list in available networks (windows or linux the same)

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              Intel Corporation
              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

              : Thank you very much for providing those details.

              In regard to the problem with the Wi-Fi feature, just to make sure, please get into the BIOS by pressing F2 several times when the NUC is starting up and then set the values to defaults with F9 and the save and exit with F10.
              Did the Wi-Fi feature work fine before?
              Do you have a different device connected to the Wi-Fi network? Just to make sure the network is working properly.
              We can try to-reinstall the Wi-Fi driver:

              Based on the information you gave us previously, the flickering problem could be related to the memory RAM, What is the model, size or part number of the memory RAM you are using? You can see it on the memory stick itself.
              Did you test the NUC just with one memory stick at the time with each slot?

              Any questions, please let me know.

              Alberto R

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                I have the same black screen issue. It started after updating the bios yesterday.

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                  Good evening,
                  I'm having same black screen issue as stated here on same NUC model NUC6CAYH, but with HDMI connection - while watching movie/running Kodi with playing music, HDMI signal is completely lost (both audio and video, receiver signals completely disconnection) for 1-2 seconds (black screen/loss of audio), then returns back. This happens purely random - yesterday it was 4x per 90min movie, today it was 2x per 125min movie, twice per 90min music session etc - there is no pattern. The movies/music are all prior watched on that same set and did not have issues.


                  I'm running this NUC in SAMEconfiguration with AVR and TV since March. At that time, I was having these same issue, but never for movies. After march update of BIOS and latest video drivers, the issues stopped. I have upgraded to latest BIOS and video drivers last thursday (10-Aug) and these issues returned back even worse. I have tried rolling back the BIOS to march version, but I'm unsure if it went completely back (EC update was not performed, but BIOS version says it is now from march). I cannot remember which video drivers version was installed prior to update, as I cannot roll them back nor use system restore anymore - I believe it was a different version then march and june, but I'm unsure if there was a version in between.


                  Please note that it fully worked with BIOS of march and certain video drivers, so I'm not expecting an answer of "change cables", "check memory" or similar - this is purely SW/BIOS related issue here, as I did not exchange any part of hardware nor cable. Also using original power supply, certified memory and SSD and wifi is turned off (gigabit ethernet connected), and this is not a network issue either.


                  I can try downgrading video drivers, but I was not able to locate older versions, so if I can be pointed to all versions since march, I'm willing to try + I need instructions to force downgrade. I'm not sure if and how to downgrade BIOS to older version fully, as it is stated as unsupported.

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                    Hi. As soon as i got the NUC, I installed Windows 10. Network didn`t work out of the box. It seemed that ther was no network card installed. So i Reseted the bios and installed the latest one. The windows recognized both wired and wifi network cards. Then I installed all avaliable and latest drivers from Intel and kept on using the wired interface. So I guess Wifi never worked.

                    I tried reseting the bios and reinstalling drivers. Still No wifi

                    The RAM installed is a brand new KVR16LS11/4 from Kingston. I have a single module and it is installed (as recommended) in the lower memory slot.

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                      There have been some issues with driver packages being screwed up when Windows 10 installs an update using the Upgrade method (which many - like the Creator's Update - unfortunately use). The suggested way to get it going again is to go to the Apps & Features Settings and completely uninstall the Ethernet, Wireless and Bluetooth driver packages. Then, disconnect your ethernet cable (to avoid Windows doing any auto-updating) and reboot the NUC. Next, using the latest versions of the driver packages downloaded from the Intel Download Center, manually install first the Bluetooth and then the Ethernet and Wireless driver packages (order doesn't matter as long as the Bluetooth package is installed first).


                      Hope this helps,


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                        Intel Corporation
                        This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                        I just wanted to check if the information posted previously was useful for you and if you need further assistance on this matter?
                        Any questions, please let me know.
                        Alberto R

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                          Hi. Wifi problem was my fault. seems that I accidentaly disconnect de antena while installing the HDD bay.

                          The flickering still is a problem. I tried a different RAM module with the same result. I see i'm not the only one with this problem so for now I connect the display via hdmi and hope in futures bios upgrades you solve this problem

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                            Intel Corporation
                            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                            Thank you very much for letting us know those updates.
                            We will start a research on this matter. In order for us to be able to do that, please provide the information requested on the link below:
                            Any questions, please let me know.
                            Alberto R

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                              Hello from Germany.

                              I installed my new NUC6CAYH two weeks before with Win10 pro 64 Bit and implemented all of the Drivers from your Support page.The flickering started after some seconds when using the NUC (VGA Display).

                              I reset the System to the state without all Drivers and the flickering was gone.

                              Then i installed at first the Chipset device Software and no flickering was seen.

                              Then in installed the HD Grapics Driver (no. 4729) and i implemented the flickering. Obviously this Driver is not clean. I reset the System to the state with the Chipset device Software and worked on with the NUC without flickering.

                              best regards


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                                I swapped from VGA to HDMI and the flickering was gone...

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                                  Only very quick flashing/flickering here - no black screens. Black screen only happened with generic windows 10 driver.


                                  My setup: latest Windows 10 x64, NUC6CAYH with HDMI v1.66, BIOS 0040, old but perfectly working HDMI cable. Checked with old LCD TV (1980x1080) and fairly old DELL monitor (1980x1200), same issue.


                                  Screen occasionally flickers. It's hard to notice as it's very quick. Very annoying though.

                                  Edit: graphics driver was, I've yet to check with previous driver (

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                                    Answers (N/A if not applicable)


                                    Provide a detailed description of the issue

                                    While the screen is connnected through VGA cable, the screen turns black for a second randomly. sometimes twice a minute, sometimes once every 10 minutes. It doesn`t occur while using linux

                                    Please place an X to the right of the option showing how often you see this issue using specific steps. (Ex: 'Every few times a game is started it flickers.' <- This would be "Often")

                                    Always (100%):

                                    Often (51-99%):X

                                    Sporadic (20-50%):

                                    Very Sporadic (<20%):

                                    Hardware (HW)

                                    Brand and Model of the system.


                                    Hybrid or switchable graphics system?
                                    ie Does it have AMD or NV graphics too?


                                    Make and model of any Displays that are used to see the issue (see note2 below).
                                    = Local Flat Panel (Laptop panel)
                                    EFP = External Flat Panel (Monitor you plug in)

                                    EFP Bangho MBL1910W

                                    How much memory [RAM] in the system (see note2 below).

                                    1 x 4GB Kingston KVR16LS11/4

                                    Provide any other hardware needed to replicate the issue.
                                    ie: Cables&brand, cable type [vga, hdmi, DP, etc], dock, dongles/adapters, etc

                                    Tried 3 different generic VGA Cables

                                    Hardware Stepping (see note1 below).

                                    attached file

                                    Software (SW)

                                    Operating System version (see note2 below).

                                    Windows 10 Pro x64 / attached file

                                    VBIOS (video BIOS) version. This can be found in “information page” of CUI (right click on Desktop and select “Graphics Properties”.


                                    Graphics Driver version; for both integrated Intel and 3rd party vendors (see note2 below).


                                    SW or Apps version used to replicate the issue.



                                    Single display, clone, or extended (see note2 below).

                                    single display / attached file

                                    Display resolution & refresh rate setting of each display (see note2 below).

                                    1440x900@60hz / attached file

                                    AC or DC mode, i.e. is power cable plugged in or not?


                                    How to repro

                                    Please provide steps to replicate the issue.  These steps are very crucial to finding the root cause and fix.
                                    A screenshot to illustrate the issue is a huge plus. A video of the failure is even better! Attach to the post or provide the YouTube link.


                                    1. whenever NUC is on in windows 10
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