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    Optane useless, can only boost the Boot Drive performance.


      I bought a 32GB Optane module, thinking that I could boost the performance of my 2TB HDD where I store my games. My boot drive is a pcie M.2 drive, and after installing the Optane module I discovered that the memory only boosts the performance of  the boot drive, and can't boost any other drive on the system.


      Intel has hidden this information, not displayed any such information in the advertising or product information that I have seen. Who has a pc with one drive.... just one HDD drive? That is the only system that can gain any real performance boost from this useless product. I tried to contact Intel support for more information about how I could use this product, but I was sent in circles for an hour, every time I clicked on "SUPPORT" I was directed to sign-in again, then told to select what kind of support.... which  eventually led me back to a "SUPPORT" link that lead to another sign-in request......... well done Intel, managed to avoid providing support for this customer.