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    YOGA910 with Intel HD 620: External Display Problem




      i have a brandnew YOGA 910 with an Intel HD Graphics 620 and the following problem (tested with 5 Displays, 3 HDMI, 1 DP, 1 DVI Adapter).


      On the external Monitor I have a very good picture as long as I use "Clone" for the Multi-Display-Mode.

      If I switch to "Extend" as I want to use both monitors the picture becomes bad. Which means on Powerpoint and Word the picture is much worse than before, when using a tool like "Enterprise Architect" you cannot work anymore as you cannot see which icons you are using.

      With my current MAC AIR everything works fine (even with no name adapters).


      Has somebody an idea?


      I have updated all drivers from the Levovo homepage to the latest version.


      Best Regards and Thanks in Advance