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    ubuntu multiple monitor


      I connected my Lenovo T460 through the Ultra Docking station with 3 Monitors (LG Flatron E2210) via VGA, HDMI and DP. With Win7 I got them all to run rather quickly (having the laptop-monitor turned off, only the three external ones running), but Win7 is only my secondary OS.

      My primary is Ubuntu 16.04 and it ran smoothly with 2 external monitors and I was very hopeful about adding the third. But now the monitors work quite fine when it comes to the bootloader, where I choose between Linux and Win7. This shows on all screens. Right after though, they turn off, and only one shows the password screen. This one monitor works just fine at the moment, while the others are just black and act as if they were not connected at all (despite "working" earlier in the bootloader screen - and perfectly fine under win7)

      I would REALLY love to have my setup run under Ubuntu, as that's my "productive setup" software-wise.

      My tech specs are

      • Lenovo T460
      • Ultra Docking station
      • DVI --> HDMI cable
      • DVI --> VGA cable
      • DVI --> DP cable
      • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520
      • RAM: 16GB
      • CPU: i5-6300 @2.40 GHz
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          Intel Corporation
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          Thank you very much for joining the Intel® Graphics communities. We are sorry to hear that the multiple display configuration is not working properly.

          I just wanted to let you know that the graphics drivers that are available in our web site belong and were tested using Windows as operating system. So, in this case in order to get the proper support for this scenario, please verify the links below, where you will be accessing the Intel communities for Linux support and the Ubunto forums:

          Any further questions, please let me know.

          Alberto R