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    Why does my NIC wake up my computer every 8th minute of every hour?


      Here is the reddit post detailing my issue. I want Wake On LAN. I saw Wake on Wireless LAN and tried it out. It works like a champ. The only problem is, my computer wakes up every 8th minute of every hour. You can check the bottom of the reddit post to see what I've tried so far. Let me know what could possibly be causing this. Thanks.

      Update 4:

      I figured out what was causing the issue. My AP has a setting called Group Key Update Interval. It was set to 1 hour. The problem is, I thought the Advanced Setting: "GTK rekeying for WoWLAN" would handle that request without waking up the computer. Also, shouldn't Windows not wake for that since I said only wake on a Magic packet?


      Update 3:

      I connected to a different WiFi access point and the computer didn't wake up on the 8th minute! As a separate test, I reconnected to my WiFi and put my PC to sleep. I unplugged the power from the AP and my PC turned on! It seems that the PC wakes on connection loss. Yet, no matter if the Sleep on WoWLAN Disconnect setting is enabled or disabled does the behavior change. What could cause this?


      Update 2:

      I tried the options you suggested as well as disabling the offloaders. I then tried disabling the rekeying option and that didn't work either. On another note, I tried the Ethernet port with WiFi disabled and it doesn't wake up. Also, I have the PROset drivers for the Ethernet device, but not for the WiFi device. I attempted to find them (or at least install what I thought was them) for the WiFi device, but no luck there.


      Update 1:
      Disabling Bluetooth and updating the Access Point firmware didn't work. I haven't updated to the latest BIOS because the latest update is labeled for wider RAM support that I don't need. If all else fails I can try that, but I'd like to hold off as much as possible. I attached the report from the tool.