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    40 lane or 28 lane CPU?



      I would just Like to know if I would see real/any benefit from using a 40lane CPU such as i7 6850 than using a i7 6800K 28 lane? in case- I would be using all 6 pcie slots on a Asus X99-A -II mobo  with 1 Graphics card  and 1 thunderbolt 3 Expansion card and a couple of SSd cards and 1 other expansion card


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          If you get more lanes it would be better, you will see benefit in the transmit of the data with more lanes; however, in this case the motherboard manufacturer will define how many lanes of the processor the motherboard will handle, from our end we indicate the maximum supported by the processor but the motherboard manufacturer can limit this amount. So, the best thing to do will be getting in contact with ASUS in order to confirm how many lanes this particular model can allow and if you would really see a benefit using this configuration.



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