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    HD Graphics 4000 has stopped re-detecting displays in docking - post windows update


      Have been happily running windows 10 (laptop) -  with dual monitors, but since a recent update, the system once docked will no longer re-detect that it using different monitors.


      Previously i could use it:

      1. Un-docked - at 1600 x 900

      2. then when i put it to sleep

      3. Then dock it and resumed:

           it would

           a) switch to 1920 x 1080, and

           b) also detect and display on the second monitor - no intervention required.


      Now, it remains in it's prior "state" (it neither changes state nor outputs to the second monitor) - only outputting to the first external monitor - but at 1600 x 900.


      Thus since a recent change, it is not "re-detecting" the "change in state" on resume, ONLY when i now do a full restart.


      The update may have been a Windows update, but on the same day i also installed a Toshiba Dynadock - with dual display port support.


      I have used the Lenovo system update to update the driver - now it is at - and as the driver loaded the monitors re-detected, and corrected - but later the problem is persisting.


      Does anyone know how to force the driver to re-detect on resume not just on restart? Or is this a "consequence of doing things in a certain order"



      Lenovo T430s laptop -

      HD Graphics 4000  version (from Lenovo System Update)

      with a Lenovo ThnikPad Usb 3.0 Pro Dock (dual HDMI/DVI ports)

      dual BenQ GL2450 monitors.