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    My graphics card disappeared on device manager



      I was trying to update my graphics card to driver version and I read that I need to uninstall the last version of mine.


      Methods I used to update:

      1.Intel website (tried most of drivers)

      2.Intel Driver Update Utility (same result)

      3. korean software to indicate the drivers (same result)


      After I uninstalled it, I was trying to update the driver then the error message came (About requirements of my system ) so I gave up and was going to continue using the old one. However, I couldn't find the Intel graphics card in display adapters on device manager and I tried several methods to fix it but failed.


      1.Deleting hidden hardware on device manager (I had the same problem before but the driver came out automatically)



      My processor:Intel (R) Core(TM) i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60GHz

      system graphics:Intel HD Graphics 4400.

      Windows version: Windows 10 Pro 32bit


      Please help me with this problem because I was not able to find solutions on Youtube,google or any other websites which worked successfully.