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    Faulty boards?


      I am in the process of building two servers, one with a S5520SC main board and one with a S5500BC. Both will have 2 x 5504 Xeon CPUs. I have assembled both machines but experience some trouble. Both machines have a Corsair HX750 PSU.


      1) The S5500BC machine won't boot with 2 CPUs. It boots fine with either CPU in CPU_1. There are no beep codes, but the status LED turns from green to amber after a while (maybe 20 seconds.)


      2) The S5520SC machine won't accept memory in slots C1 or C2. The memory sticks are fine, they work elsewhere.


      Are both boards broken? The first could maybe be a PSU problem but 750W should be plenty I'd think?


      Anyone running the same CPU/main board combos care to share which PSU they use?


      Any help is appreciated.