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    Intel Iris 5100 Screen Flickering


      Something very odd is going on. I am currently running Windows 10 on a late 2013 MacBook pro. Components are as follows:


      Intel Core i7 2.8 GHz

      16 Gigs RAM

      Intel Iris 5100




      After updating my graphics drivers last night, certain games are producing an odd "flickering" that looks almost like screen tearing. Not all games do it, and for whatever reason, if I change brightness or volume, the issue stops when the brightness/volume/etc indicator is present on screen.


      There is a 100% reproduction rate to this issue, and it renders the games that I have attempted to play pretty much entirely unplayable. The issue, however, does not occur on all games. So far I've noticed it on Guild Wars 2 and World of Tanks, but not Hearthstone, for example.


      Here's a video of what the issue looks like, as well as how changing brightness stops it temporarily.


      Intel Iris 5100 "screen flickering" issue - YouTube


      Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated!