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    object track


      track value jitter whatever i 'v done ,how can i do?

      and the map align point always change,coordinate axies point become unpredictable (MetaioTrackerToolbox)

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Matting,
          Thanks for your interest in the Intel RealSense Technology.
          We have noticed that you opened this other thread: intel realsense sr300 object tracking, regarding your Object tracking query and also that MartyG has been helping you with that. We’ll continue working on that thread and encourage you to reply there if you have further questions since we are monitoring that case.
          -Yermi A.

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            Hi there,

            i'm trying to develop some amazing applications with my colleagues. sr300 tech is awesome.

            the obejct tracking algorithm is cOoL, though i have my own algorithm(not worked so well,accurate enough to apply).it will be ultimate cool if i can use your tech in my programme.