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    Can't install my driver card whatever I do


      hello guys , I bought a dell inspiron 3567 (i5-7200U 6GO amd r5 430m + intel card )  2 days ago , the system was UBUNTU and since im for familiarized with it i decided to change it into a windows 7 ( 64 bit ) so i formatted my pc

      i started to install my  drivers afterwards ,so  i tred to install my intel graphic card one then install my amd graphic driver , but i couldnt  !


      whenever i try to install the intel driver , i just end up facing an error message ' this system does not aquire the minimum setup needed to install this driver ' ( i have pictures but in french ) , i tried to download it from driverscloud , from DELL official site,  from intel official site , used an intel autodetecter , drivereasy , but its just the same story , i just cannot install the driver !!! then i tried to install it from my device manager , and i ' partially ' succeded because the yellow mark wasnt there anymore , but it doesnt say the name of my card , its just a ' VGA STANDARD INTEL CARD ' and if i check on DXDIAG it contains only that name while all of directX fonctions arent working ! which means i cant play anything..


      i tried to install my amd card too , but i keep facing a problem in the end saying that there is an error related to something called' openGL ' and its not there.ect , i heard i need to install the intel driver before the amd one so i think thats somehow related


      but im really really really stuck , that 'vga standard intel card ' is just there doing absolutely nothing since everything is not working  ,; whenever i try to uninstall and install i just face the same problem  ( the error message ) and whenever i restart my pc the vga standard card installs itself again but its completely useless becasue nothing is working



      sorry for my bad english , its our 3rd language here , but with the picture u will get it all