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    3rd monitor not recognized in collage mode




      I made an installation with three video-wall displays and Intel NUC-machine.


      The Intel Graphics finds the monitors and an extended display can be used with all of them.



      As the installation topology is 1x3 (ie. wanted resolution is 1920x3240px) collage mode is needed.


      When entering the collage -mode settings, the Intel Graphics finds only 2 displays at the time.



      How can I use all of the three displays in collage mode?

      As per the Dell's link below, it is said the third (last) monitor needs to be set to DP1.1.

      Can anyone confirm this?

      *EDIT* We tried this (last screen in DP1.1 and that didn't work either.



      INTEL NUC BOXNUC7i7BNH Core i7-7567U


      With Windows 10 HP



      NEC X554UNV (daisy chained with DP-DP cables in DP mode 1.2).


      Display connection via Targus USB-C - Display Port -adapter.


      Found this: How to Configure U2415 Monitor Daisy Chaining on Intel HD Graphics | Dell Suomi