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    Slow Download Speed on AC-8260 (Possible Fragmentation?)


      Good Evening,


      I'm one of the wireless network administrators at our university and one of our employees brought to our attention an issue he was running into pretty consistently. Performing a speedtest shows that his download speeds are in the range of .04Mbps but his upload speeds are perfectly normal between 50Mbps to 60Mbps - he located a previous post that has since been resolved - https://communities.intel.com/thread/115425 - but it was resolved with the administrator making an infrastructure wide change to the MSS (Maximum Segment Size) value. The behavior we're seeing is very similar to a fragmentation issue we saw at remote offices due to double encapuslation (IPSEC/GRE) which caused fragmentation on our Aruba Controllers - resolved by setting MTU to 1200 for these remote offices - but this is slightly different in the sense that this is on a campus AP where our MTU is set to 1500.


      Would like assistance in verifying this is the issue we're running into and a method of resolving this on the client-side.


      Thank you and have a good day!


      Low download speed with AC 8260